Rainbow Guided Meditation & Alchemy Crystal Bowls Sound Transmission

During a full moon, a powerful portal opens creating a window of opportunity that allows us to make great shifts in our lives. Full moons clear out old, negative energies to make way for fresh, positive, new beginnings—which is why we often feel extra intense during this period, as we go through an emotional unearthing and cleansing phase.

We then have a two-week period, starting at the full moon and ending with the next new moon, in which we can do the cleansing work needed so we are prepared and ready for our magnificent manifestation to occur.

Alchemy Crystal Tones ™ Bowls will help you to release blockages, uplift your potential and unlock doors to opportunities in life; You will be amazed by how intricate the frequencies are while they pulsate into your body, communicating with your DNAs and cells working intelligently with your body.

The following Rainbow Guided Meditation and Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing will help you to remain calm and peaceful during this highly charged Sagittarius season.